Cytotoxic activity of the proteins extracted from the leaves of Gynura procumbens

TGI: Thrive Health

Many of the currently available drugs are plant-based, and plant peptides and proteins have turned out to be a critical source of biological compounds that exhibited bioactivities which can be exploited as drugs. They, plant-based products including proteins and small molecular compounds, have been suggested as the favorable drugs for cancer treatment in view of the many adverse effects exerted by current cancer treatments, namely chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Amongst the activities being discovered were the anti-tumor activity of peptides extracted from

Hypericum perforatum,

Chelidonium majus L.,

Inula helenium L.,

Equiseteum arvense L.,

Inonotus obliquus;

anti-HIV property of macrocyclic peptide extracted from Palicourea condensate,

anti-microbial activity of thaumatin-like proteins extracted from malting barley etc.,

In the current study authors have selected Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr. It is a well-known traditional herb in South East Asia. The plant belongs to the Asteraceae Family. This plant is about 10–25 cm high…

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