Generic drugs in Portugal can now be launched monthly rather than quarterly

July 29 2013 | By Márcio Barra

Portuguese generic drug makers will now be able to introduce new generic drugs into the market every month and not just quarterly, in another move by the Portuguese Ministry of Health to increase the market share of generics and reduce state drug expenditure.

Ordinance n.º 103/2013 from 26 July 2013 , changes “the mechanisms of creation of homogeneous groups and respective reference prices, aiming to maximize savings resulting from a greater incentive for generics use and promote an increase of market share in line with the international commitments of the Portuguese State, “reads the preamble of the statute. This ordinance updates Decree-Law n. -A/2010 48, already amended by Decree-Law n.º 106 -A/2010 and Law n. º 62/2011.

According to the Ordinance, the calculation and publication of the reference price of new homogeneous groups created as a result of the market introduction of new…

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