Antimalarials………….Arterolane from Ranbaxy

New Drug Approvals

Arterolane.png 664338-39-0   Arterolane
664338-39-0, UNII-3N1TN351VB, OZ277, RBX-11160, NCGC00274173-01
Molecular Formula: C22H36N2O4
 Molecular Weight: 392.53224
 cis-adamantane-2-spiro-3’-8’-[[[(2’-amino-2’ methylpropyl) amino] carbonyl] methyl] 1’,2’,4’-trioxaspiro [4.5] decane
cis-adamantane-2-spiro-3′-8′-[[[(2′- amino-2′-methylpropyl)amino]carbonyl]-methyl]- 1 ‘,2′,4’-trioxaspiro[4.5]decane

Arterolane, also known as OZ277 or RBx 11160,is a substance being tested for antimalarial activity[1] by Ranbaxy Laboratories.[2] It was discovered by US and European scientists who were coordinated by the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV).[3] Its molecular structure is uncommon for pharmacological compounds in that it has both an ozonide group and an adamantane substituent.[4]

Phase III clinical trials of arterolane, in combination with piperaquine, began in India in 2009.[5] When clinical trial results were disappointing, the MMV withdrew support[2] and Ranbaxy continued developing the drug combination on its own.

Ranbaxy launched India’s first new drug, Synriam

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