Hep C Next Gen Candidate Patent Infringement Claims — Against Gilead’s Solvadi — With $3.85 Billion Idenix Cash Deal

New Merck, Reviewed

So, now it turns out that my commenters fill in nicely, for my sleepy, slow moving bed-head!

Merck is, this very morning, offering all-cash to get Idenix — and it will get the company — it will certainly clear HSR by October of this year. More details at the Goldman Sachs appearance on June 12, 2014 — in all likelihood.

What fascinates me, here — is that with this buy, Merck solidfies its potentially multi-billion dollar patent infringement claim, against Gilead’s SolvadiTM. Now, if it turns out that Solvadi infringes, only Whitehouse Station will be the recipient. And that payout could easily eclispe what Merck just paid for all of Idenix. IF even one drug comes out of the Idenix legacy pipeline, Merck will be miles ahead. Miles ahead. Smart deal, all around.

FireceBioTech was the first to note this angle (while I slept!) — so he…

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