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New Drug Approvals

Double Helix-Biosimilars

The worldwide biologics market was 160 billion dollars in 2012. Half of this was from US sales..READ ALL AT



Dr. Rafael "Rafi" Boritzer

Dr. Rafael “Rafi” Boritzer

Global Biotech Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur, Academician, Chair of Bioinfomedical Ltd.

  1. ThinkTech Hawaii,
  2. Bioinfomedical Ltd. / InfoMedical L.L.C.http://www.linkedin.com/in/doctorboritzer

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bioinfomedical Ltd. / InfoMedical L.L.C.

Started and built entrepreneurial venture that began as a consulting firm and grew into a successful business engaged in the global transfer of medical/gerontological technologies and software, marketing of research cytokines, and strategic alliances with bio-similar producers. Fostered relationships in Hawaii, Central/Southeast Asia, Oceania, Central Europe, Middle East, and East Africa, to accelerate growth of the business and further its objectives. Created differentiation strategies designed to cope with competitive marketing pressures primarily in long-term healthcare, specialty medical institutions and pharmaceutical…

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