Sreeni Labs Private Limited, Hyderabad, India ready to deliver new, Economical, Scalable Routes in your early Clinical Drug Development Stages

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Sreeni Labs Private Limited, Hyderabad, India ready to deliver new, economical, scalable routes in your early Clinical drug development stages

Accelerate your early development chemistry with Sreeni labs…………


Sreeni Labs based in Hyderabad is working with various global customers and solving various challenging synthesis problems.

The main strength of Sreeni Labs is in the design, development of a novel chemical route and its development into a robust process followed by production of quality product from 100 grams to 100s of kg scale.

They have helped number of customers by successfully developing highly economical simple chemistry routes to number of products that were made by Suzuki coupling. they are able to shorten the route by drastically reducing number of steps, avoiding use of palladium & expensive ligands. they always use readily available or easy to prepare starting materials in their design of synthetic routes.

Sreeni Labs is Looking for any potential…

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