courses in Reg Affairs in USA

Here are the Universities in USA offering Master of Science (MS) in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and allied subjects –

1.Purdue University, College of Pharmacy, West Lafayette-IN
Master of Science in Regulatory Quality Compliance
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2.University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy, Los Angeles-CA
Master of Science in Regulatory science
3.North Eastern University, College of Professional studies, Boston-MA
Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices
4.Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Boston-MA

Master of Science In Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy

5.Temple University, School of Pharmacy, Philadelphia-PA
Master of Science in QA/RA

6.Arizona State University,College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Phoenix-AZ

Master of Science in Regulatory Science & Health Safety
Course developed in collaboration with USFDA

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7.St. John’s University,
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, Queens-NY
Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration (Specialization in Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance)

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8.Long Island University,
Arnold  & Marie Schwartz college of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Brooklyn-NY
Master of Science in Drug Regulatory Affairs

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9. John Hopkins University, Centre for Biotechnology Education, Baltimore-MD.
Master of Science in Bioscience Regulatory Affairs (Mainly deals with Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs)
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10. Regis college, Weston-MA
Master of Science in Regulatory and Clinical Research Management

11.The University of Georgia, Gwinnett Campus, Lawrenceville-GA*
Master of Science for Regulatory Affairs
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12.San Diego State University, Centre for Distance Learning*
Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs
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13. North Western University, School of Continuing Education, Chicago-IL*
Master of Science in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Science
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14.University of Florida, Gainesville-FL*
Master of Science in Pharmacy-Drug Regulatory Affairs
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Other Related Course-
University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, Gainsville-FL
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical outcomes and Policy
Course is offered in collaboration with FDA Center for Drug evaluation and research.
The students enrolled for the course will have a guaranteed intership at the FDA or Industry.
Eligibility-Terminal Degree in Health Sciences such as PharmD
Website Link-

2. schools/pharmacy-rankings


1.Most of the Universities offer the courses through various modes such as Full time, Part time, online modes or combination of these modes. Hence the prospective students are advised to check with the university representatives whether the universities offer the courses in their mode of interest before applying.
2. The universities offering MS only through part time/online modes are indicated with “*” ..

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