EU – National Databases

Heads of Medicines Agencies

Centralsied Approved Products

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Other Countries


National Pharmacopoeias

Argentina – Farmacopea Argentina
Brazil – Brazilian Pharmacopoeia
China – Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China
Croatia – Croatian Pharmacopoeia
Czech Republic – Czech Pharmacopoeia
Denmark – Danish Pharmacopoeia Commission
France – French Pharmacopoeia
Germany – German Pharmacopoeia
Hungary – Hungarian Pharmacopoeia
India – Indian Pharmacopoeia
Japan – Japanese Pharmacopoeia
Korea – Korean Pharmacopoeia
Mexico – Pharmacopoeia of the United Mexican States
Poland – Pharmacopoeia of Poland
Portugal – Portuguese Pharmacopoeia
Romania – Romanian Pharmacopoeia
Slovak Republic – Slovak Pharmacopoeia
Spain – Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia

Regional Pharmacopoeias

International Pharmacopoeia


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