AltaVista Translation Page Translates typed-in text or web pages from Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese into English and vice versa. Very useful!
Australia – Australian Drug Evaluation Committee meetings Has the minutes of ADEC (Australian Drug Evaluation Committee) meetings available for perusal – i.e. recommendations for approval of new drugs or changes to registration of existing drugs.
British National Formulary (BNF) Invaluable reference source for medicines on the UK market.
Clinical Trials Project Management ONLINE Certificate Program The Clinical Trials Project Management (CTPM) certificate consists of four graduate level academic online credit courses from California State University, Fullerton.
CMR International A not-for-profit organization which provides unique data / expert analyses on technical, medical, economic, regulatory and policy issues in the discovery, development and safe use of medicines.
Drug Information Association (DIA) The Drug Information Association’s homepage includes online membership directory, information about forthcoming DIA meetings, sits. vac. column and information about CRO’s etc.
Europe – European Federation of Animal Health (FEDESA) Includes a number of useful links with animal health organisation websites.
European Parliament Web site for the European Parliament (11 languages).
France – Adminet: Health and Welfare links A confusing but somewhat useful set of Francophone health-related links.
Google Groups Search engine containing the largest collection of indexed archived Usenet news available anywhere. Extremely useful.
Health Health Economics, Medical and Pharmacy Resources by Category. Lists a large number of (mainly US) pharmacy-related journals, whose contents pages and abstracts can be viewed. Some links to Other Scientific Journals and Medical Journals: Pharmacology and Toxicology.
International Network for Interfaith Health Practices (IHPNET) Full of infomatics from medical libraries to disease-specific resources.
International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Global association for excipient manufacturers and users.
Interpharma A useful site for company addresses – has a 14,000 strong searchable database of pharmaceutical companies and service providers. Also contains industry news, issues, and links to other organisations.
Medicines Authorities in the European Union (English) This site serves as a connection point to the medicines authorities in the European Union. The Heads of Agencies mission statement is published as well as press releases from the Mutual Recognition Facilitation group (MRFG).
Pharmaceutical Related Organizations, Associations, Societies and Federations Provides a further source of predominantly pharmacy-related links.
Pharmiweb A pharmaceutical bulletin, sponsored by a number of companies in or allied to, the pharmaceutical industry.It includes a range of online services and information resources covering news, jobs and companies.
Regsource A source of organised US regulatory legislation and guidances.
Regulatory Affairs Information Home Page A monthly, subscription-only electronic newsletter is available via this site, which lists available and new regulatory internet resources, including what is new on established websites.
The Parenteral Society Information on injectable and implantable drugs and devices.
The Regulatory Forum A resource for the exchange of regulatory, compliance and quality assurance information and discussion in the biotechnical, pharmaceutical, medical device, and other healthcare industries sponsored by Accureg consulting firm.
The UK Offices of the European Commission The UK Offices of the European Commission publish a wide range of informative, explanatory and descriptive materials in the form of booklets, guides and newsletters (see Catalogue of Free Publications).
United Kingdom – Electronic Medicines Compendium On-line database of UK approved SPCs and PILs.
United States – US Superintendant of Documents Official publication for notices, rules and proposed rules from Federal Agencies, including the FDA.
Virtual Pharmacy Library (medicine, biosciences) A collection of (loosely defined) pharmacy-related Internet resources. BioMedSearch is an enhanced version of the NIH PubMed search that combines MedLine/PubMed data with data from other sources to make the most comprehensive biomedical literature search available. Medical device industry news and conferences. Regulatory Information Sources A publisher of information to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and provides business information tools for regulatory affairs.

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