New Drug Approvals

Mukund K Gurjar

Chief Scientific Officer, Director of Research & Development and Executive Director, Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited
ITBT Park Phase II
Hinjwadi, PUNE, INDIA

Among the vast ocean of literature on organic chemistry , you will find a pearl in the form of Emcure

we are treated to excellent reading material and important communications in our field

hats off to this team

Dr. Mukund K. Gurjar serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited and serves as its Director of Research & Development.

Dr. Gurjar has been closely associated with Drugs and Pharmaceutical Sciences since 1975 and is a distinguished Researcher in the country. He has carried out extensive work in the field of new chemical entities (NCEs). Dr. Gurjar has been an Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. since 2001.

He serves as Deputy Director at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Dr. Gurjar served as Non-Executive Director…

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