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GMP News: Final ICH M7 Guideline on Genotoxic Impurities published,8500,S-QSB_n.html

On on 15 July 2014, the ICH issued the guideline M7 “Assessment and Control of DNA reactive (mutagenic) Impurities in Pharmaceuticals to limit Potential Carcinogenic Risk” as Step 4 document. in In the last step of the ICH process (Step 5) this guideline now has to be implemented in the national regulations in the three ICH regions Europe, United States and Japan. The final M7 Guideline was published exactly 17 months after the release of the draft consensus guideline (Step 2) in February 2013, where it could be commented in a 6-month period.

The guideline comprises information, how impurities in pharmaceutical products relative to their genotoxic potential have to be evaluated with the analysis of structure-activity relationships and how the critical toxicological threshold (threshold of toxicological concern TTC) has to be determined. In the individual chapters…

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